Sarah (gem77) wrote,

Spring truly sprung right on time this year. Yesterday was a really nice day here, and today is shaping up to be one as well. I ate outside for lunch and dinner. Daniel brought me lunch and we ate at a picnic table here at work, then I met Barbara after work at Portland Brew for a sandwich and chit chat on their porch. When I got home, Daniel and I walked Holly doggie, then later we watched Lost.

Speaking of Lost, what a great episode last night! I thought he was speaking metaphorically about the magic box, but I guess not :0

And speaking of Holly, the pet transition is going okay. The cats are still freaked out, but they are moving around the place okay without too much fear. Holly has a healthy fear of cats (having gotten scratched a few months ago), so she keeps a good distance, but when they're in motion, she can't help but chase them. Tigger has been sleeping on the other side of Daniel at night. Traitor! Actually I think it's because his side of the bed is harder for Holly to get to. At least that's what I tell myself when I am crying myself to sleep while they spoon :P Mya has been being her usual grouchy self, and has been staying in the "safe zone" a lot. The safe zone is the spare room, which has a baby gate thingy so Holly can't get in. The cats' food, water, and litter are in there. So yeah, it's taking a little time, but all will be well eventually.

I forgot to mention that my sister is having a boy! He's due July 7, and his name is going to be Lucas.

Oh look - I am capable of posting without putting a single picture in it.

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