Sarah (gem77) wrote,

Ahhhh, rain. We have needed you. Helping things grow. And my blue car was looking green from all the pollen.

I've sold my couches, kitchen table & chairs, and coffee table & end tables. I ♥ Craigslist.

Monday night Daniel, Alex, and I went to
Please join us for the first public reading of FAIRVIEW.

March 26 7:00 PM
Dark Horse Theatre
4610 Charlotte Ave. Nashville, TN 37209

FAIRVIEW: The long awaited play/film/documentary/docudrama
Fairview: A small town in Williamson County, just west of Nashville

FAIRVIEW includes dramatic pieces about the death penalty, immigration, race relations in the US, and the war in Iraq. In addition to the monologues, FAIRVIEW will contain filmed comments from a group of Fairview residents. The monologues themselves have a decidedly "liberal" bent, while the voices of the Fairview focus group, are more "conservative" by design and will offer a different perspective. Please join us for the first public reading of FAIRVIEW.

A note from Sara:
We are, these days, a country deeply divided; antiwar activists Vs. Bush supporters, antiabortion activists vs. pro-choicers, illegal vs. legal immigrants, same sex vs. traditional marriage supporters, and sometimes, still, blacks vs. whites. “Liberals” are often characterized by “conservatives” as unpatriotic and Godless, while “conservatives” are sometimes labeled narrow-minded and intolerant. Productive dialogue among good folks with radically different social, political and religious views can be difficult at best.

But it is CRUCIAL that we attempt to nurture healthy dialogue in ways that are respectful in addition to productive. We are facing one of the most critical times in our collective history and how we choose to use our country's power and influence is a responsibility which we all share.

We need to consider complex issues. Does immigration hurt or help our economy? Is the war in Iraq just? Is the death penalty good public policy? Is there such a thing as “white privilege”? And perhaps most important, are we doing our homework? Are we willing to listen to other points of view? Can we entertain the possibility that there isn't just ONE right way of being in the world? When vast numbers of people are dying and/or suffering in our name, it seems essential to spend some time considering each of these questions. This, I would argue, is the responsibility of each and every patriot.

It is my great hope that FAIRVIEW affords us such an opportunity.

Please join us as this piece sees the "light of day" for the first time. Your input is needed!

I really enjoyed it and appreciated the opportunity to go. The stories were compelling, engaging, sad, and sometimes humorous. But it wasn't as balanced as I thought it was going to be. It was more swayed to the liberal side, and although I found myself agreeing with most of the comments and ideas, it wasn't very challenging to me, and most of it was stuff I had already heard before. It was just a first reading, so I'm sure it will go through many edits before it's final. I hope to see it again when it's officially released.

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