Sarah (gem77) wrote,


That's the thunder outside my window.

On Saturday Daniel and I went out to celebrate our one-month anniversary. Thanks to Daniel's boss, we were able to go to the Melting Pot. It wasn't as good as the last, and only, time I went. I think if I go there again, it will just be for dessert - the chocolate portion of the meal was great.

I know I still need to write about our hikes in Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, including the one to the lava. I just haven't had the time. We have spent so much time organizing everything in our place, and cleaning. It's taken FOREVER. But it needed to be done, especially since tonight we have our first house guest. My sister Sally is staying with us on her way to our parents.

And I am sooo excited because it means I get to see this guy:


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