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Dylan was with us this past week (well, Friday to Wednesday). In some ways it's gotten easier, his living in MA - everyone knows what to expect now, and he's adjusting better to making the trip (although he doesn't really like flying). Things also go much more smoothly because Daniel and I have become a great team. In other ways it's harder - I've gotten a lot closer to him, and it hurts more when he leaves.

He got to spend a lot of time with his Mimi (grandma). She's retired now, and she stayed with us 3 nights. They had fun making paper boats and floating them in the creek. We also played lots of games and did Napoleon Dynamite Mad Libs. I also helped Dylan set up an email account. He thought it was so neat - he sent an email to his Mom, and he and I got on different computers and chatted on gmails' chat thingy. I had a talk with him about the internet, and told him that he should never give any information about his name, where he lives, goes to school, or anything like that to anyone, and that he really shouldn't talk to anyone he didn't know. His response to talking to people he didn't know was, "Why would I want to do that?" Heh. In time, he will see.

We also went to Jackson on Saturday for a baby shower for my sister. It was so nice to see my family (all 4 sisters together), even if it was only for a short time. Everyone had a good time - Dylan enjoyed helping me make chicken salad sandwiches ("being 8 now is so great - I can help make sandwiches and use the microwave"), and he liked playing some of the games we had (match the animal to its offspring, finish the nursery rhyme type stuff). Drew, Mason, and he liked playing with the helium balloons a lot (no, not sucking in the helium air ;) ). Becky is looking so good - so beautifully pregnant. It still amazes me that a woman can grow a human inside of her. I never got to see Sally much when she was pregnant, so this one is more tangible to me.

Afterwards we headed down to Bolivar to stay with Mimi for a night. And the next morning we had a birthday party for Dylan (a week later than his bday). He was a little complainy about the number of presents he got, and the cake wasn't the kind of cake he wanted, but we just moved on from there and didn't dwell on things. My parents got him a piggy-bank type jar that counts the money as you put the coins in. I started him off with some coins for it, and he kept asking if we had anymore coins to give him. Eventually he came up with the idea of doing some task to get coins as a payment. I think we are going to try that this summer - Dylan helps us out with child-appropriate tasks around the house, and he gets coins for his effort. Jessica at work suggested using poker chips, then letting him cash them in once a week or so. That way if we don't happen to have enough change at the time, we have time to get some.

With Dylan being here, I hadn't watched much about the VA Tech shootings, just read stuff online. When I finally sat down on Wednesday night to watch TV coverage about it, they were showing all the pictures and videos of the killer. Nice. Let's just create more potential mass killers by letting some messed-up kids fantasize about doing exactly what he did.

My sister Sally got her masters at VA Tech, and she taught there while her husband Chris got his doctorate. Two students that she had taught and one professor she knew were killed :(

So to not end on a downer, here's a funny video with kitties that I saw on Nashville Feed.


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