Sarah (gem77) wrote,

Saturday my sister Becky and her husband Andy decided to make a trip to Nashville. We had a good time - went to the mall, Panera, played board games, and had a nice breakfast the next morning. Lucas is moving around a lot inside of her - I never realized babies move so much in the womb.

My friend Janette in Alberta had her baby Cassia Rain on Monday! She was due on Daniel's birthday, but decided to hang out a little longer before coming out.

We've had a lot of good rain recently, which is good, and it's also kept things at a nice temperature. I really enjoy being able to be outside without shivering or sweating the whole time.

The pets are doing well. Due to a chain that's only wide enough to let the cats through the closet door, the dog has stopped snacking on fresh cat poop from the litter box (yep, she was doing that - YUCK!), so that's good. Holly doggie has lost weight, and so has Mya. Holly from more exercise, and Mya probably from the stress of living with a dog. I, on the other hand, have gained. Back when I stopped having migraines, I started gaining, and then with what bygeeves called my "happy relationship weight", I'm not fitting too well into my clothes anymore. I'm trying to eat better and exercise more, so we'll see how that goes.

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