Sarah (gem77) wrote,

Well I haven't really posted a lot about Dylan being here. We've been having lots of fun.

Last weekend we went to denaturedlunacy's and uwue's wedding. It was very beautiful - at Centennial Park. They even jumped in the pool at the reception! We had left by that point, though. Congratulations again, you two :)

We also went to lunch at a hot dog stand that used to be Daniel's bus. Yep, he sold his old parts bus that was taking up space in the yard to this guy, and he made a hot dog stand out of it. Dylan was so cute when he was telling them that the bus used to be his Dad's. The hot dogs were great - all beef, turkey, or tofu - and several different toppings choices.

That afternoon we went to the science museum. I had never been, and it really is great. Daniel and Dylan rode this one thing called the BlueMax, a sort of flight simulator. You can turn upside down and every which way. Dylan wants me to go on it with him the next time, so I can get spinned around I guess.

We read this book about a dog called Marley. The original book was adapted for children's reading. Ohhh, the book was so sad towards the end. I was trying to read it to Dylan and I kept crying, choking up, having to pause and stuff. But it really is a wonderful book that any kid would love. And it ended sorta happily.

I've also been able to spend some time with friends. Gone walking with Melissa. Ate dinner with Barb and our friend Daniella who was up from Birmingham for a wedding she was in. The wedding was at the Ryman. It was filmed for some TV show called "Platinum Weddings". Fancy schmancy. Ate lunch with other friend Melissa (from college) who is in town. Got to see her kiddo Austin. Such a cutie :) And tonight: Nashville sounds baseball game with Kerry, George, Kristin, Amber, and Melissa! Fun times.

Oh, we saw the new Harry Potter movie last night. I had pre-watched it so that I could warn Dylan about the scary parts, and it was much better the second time around. It was great both times, though. Definitely different than the other movies, and some of the characters really have aged more quickly than others. Daniel and Dylan both liked it a lot.

More thoughts on the movie:

Everything went so fast - so much information to cover in 138 mins. If I hadn't read the book, I would have had to watch the movie 2 or 3 times to catch on to stuff, and then of course there's stuff you'll never get, because it wasn't included in the movie. Nonetheless, if one doesn't mind being a little confused, the movie could be enjoyable having not read the book.

Dudley is so old! And we've never seen those parts of the neighborhood of quaint Privet Drive. That really set the dark mood of the movie from the beginning.

I really enjoyed the scenes of Dumbledore's Army in the Room of Requirement and at the Ministry. I got teary-eyed, I admit.

Props to Aberforth's goat at Hog's Head.

Things seemed jumbled at certain points - some of the transitions were good, but others were lacking. Daniel Radcliffe did do a great job, and Rupert and Emma were so cute in their interactions with each other, but I expected a little better acting from them, being the 5th movie.

"Nice shot, James!" - Sirius (awwww...)

I thought Sirius' death scene was too quick. I barely even heard Bellatrix' "Avada Kedavra". I guess that's the point though? His death is sudden and shocking?

The kitten picture plates in Umbridge's office?!?! I was cracking up!

I felt like the director did a great job with Harry's and Sirius' relationship.

Snape was great, as usual. "I might vomit." "Obviously." "No idea." Major LOLs.

I <3 Neville. Luna Lovegood was great, as was Umbridge. Ginny's awesomeness as a witch is coming out more. You could tell she was jealous of Cho.

"You got to admit, Dumbledore has got style." - Kingsley

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