Sarah (gem77) wrote,

I did indeed go to James Morrison's in-store performance last Friday with Kristin. It was a really nice way to spend a lunch break :)

And then after dropping Dylan off at home (he'd been at my work playing his Harry Potter game), Susan, Kristin, Barb and I went to see James along with Ben Folds and John Mayer. A very awesome night of music. Ben was great, but I noticed that not a lot of folks in the front were standing up. At one point I was the only one in the first 5 rows standing up. But everyone clapped and hollered loud for him, so I guess they were just saving up their energy for Mayer? Debbie (docoboc), who is such a considerate lady, observed the rocking-out of me and Barb during Ben, and approached us. She had taped Ben's set and thought we would want a copy since we were clearly fans of Ben Folds. What a sweetie! Ben's set really was fabulous - I can't wait to hear it again.

John was great as well. I felt fortunate in that, even though I decided to only go to one show this tour, the one I went to was such a standout show. He looks very happy and healthy these days, and he was really having a lot of fun up there. During the encore I asked Barb what song she thought would be the last song. I told her, "I think he'll close with 'Neon', or maybe 'Who Did You Think I Was', but I really hope he does 'I'm Gonna Find Another You'. Well, before the last song, he joked about playing Neon, then went on to do a tease of 'Who Did You Think I Was', then went straight into 'I'm Gonna Find Another You'. Heh. When I was a more obsessive fan, I used to be able to guess which song he was going to play next by which guitar he was using, but now apparently I can still do it even without memorizing the guitars.

And this made me laugh:


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