Sarah (gem77) wrote,

My dear friend Melissa was in Peru until right before the earthquake hit on Wednesday. She took a trip to Peru last week and this week to do some videoing for 2 non-profits. Because of some errors with the airline, she ended up taking an earlier flight, which ended up being the last one out of Lima before the earthquake hit. Who knew? There were almost 500 killed and 800 injured. Very sad. I'm having dinner with her tonight, and I want to give her a big hug because I'm glad she's ok.

Rufus Wainwright on Tuesday was much, much fun. Indian food before was yum yum yum. Rufus had 2 wardrobe changes - he cracks me up. He came out in a suit with stars and stripes on it, then, an Austrian schoolboy outfit, then a drag outfit (hat, black jacket, bright red lipstick, sparkly jewelry, black hose, and stiletto heels). He sang some Judy Garland songs, and "Hallelujah" (with Buckley's extra lyrics) with his sister (?). The last song before the encore was 14th Street ("why'd you have to break all my heart, couldn't you have saved a little bit of it?"), and each band member made their exit at different times (Rufus, electric guitarist, drummer, bass, horns, & banjo) while the rest of the band kept playing. It was cute. Then they came back out for the encore, which ended in a jazzy/horn/Broadway-type song with him and the whole band dancing. It was so great! I had only seen him as an opener, and this was sooo much better than anything I had seen from him.

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