Sarah (gem77) wrote,

* I went canoeing with Barb on the Duck River. We've found that although we enjoy doing many things together, maybe canoeing is not one of them. We still had a good time, but I think we took the slowest, crooked-est trip down that river.

* We also went to the farmers market on Saturday. I'm trying to eat more salads for meals, so I'm going to try to go more and get stuff from their local section. They were also having a crafts fair. I didn't get anything, but it was fun to look.

* We are also going to an exercise class starting tomorrow. I need some help in being more active, and unless I plan it with someone else, it doesn't usually happen.

* I went to a Pagan festival on Saturday. I am not Pagan, but I thought it would be interesting. It was slightly interesting, but mostly lackluster.

* I gave blood today, and I've never felt light-headed from giving until today. Usually I make it a point to eat plenty and drink a lot of water before I give, but I had some leftovers for lunch, and it was enough food for a meal, but not more than usual. Oops.

* When I went to vote last week, I accidentally went to the line for my old last name, not my new one. Another oops.

* My car battery was close to dying. Daniel went and got me a new battery and put it in and made sure everything was ok. He even vacuumed out my car for me :)

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