Sarah (gem77) wrote,

Ok, so I have been watching this thing occasionally today, and only once has it been going counterclockwise, and even then it went right back to clockwise. I'm right-brained what? That thing is just weird. And fascinating.

Since I have my 403(b) through them, I sent an email to Fidelity via the Investors Against Genocide website. I hope I don't end up on some list so that when I call, there's a red flag and a message saying, "Put this person on hold for a really long time!", or "Screw up this person's account so it shows she has no money!" My money with them is supposed to be invested in a socially- and environmentally-conscious fund, but I guess I should check the company list to see exactly in which ones it invests.

Fall is making itself known. It was really chilly on my way to the Y this morning, but when I was done and all hot and sweaty, I was grateful to come out to the coolness.

I took a couple of "which candidate most represents your views" quizzes today. This one - and this one -

Best quote from The Office the other night. "Well, I guess he can't get any girl he wants." - Jim

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