Sarah (gem77) wrote,

Let's see...I've been trying to go to the Y every day, and have been successful except for a knee problem. I went today, and it seems to be better. I meet with the trainer tomorrow, so I'm going to ask him and see what he thinks.

I'm finally doing something about my 2 problem teeth on Thursday. Pray for me, cuz they will probably just pull them both and pressure me to get my wisdom teeth out, too. I ordered tooth-removal-friendly food from Plumgood today - soup, popsicles, yogurt, eggs, bananas.

Speaking of organic/natural groceries, Whole Foods opened here last Thursday. I went to a preview tour with Barbara, then went to the grand opening with Melissa. Then I went again yesterday. They gave us free stuff at the tour, and had all kinds of free samples out for that and the grand opening. Yum! They also gave us a lot of coupons.

A few weeks ago I went to see Will Hoge. It was so fun. I really needed a night out with live music. And the best part was getting to hang out with friends, most whom I hadn't seen in a while - Kerry, Allison and her sister, Jennifer and Robin.

Well, it's almost time for dinner...Greek salad...yum yum...

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