Sarah (gem77) wrote,

I read my friends page often, but I haven't been updating a lot these days. There's just not much out of the ordinary happening. So I'll write about the ordinary. Last Friday Barb and I went to Whole Body, a separate store next to Whole Foods. Didn't get anything, just looked around for a while at all the pricey earth- and body-friendly stuff. Then we went to Whole Foods, got some stuff, and ate and talked at a table there. I love spending time with Barb. We can geek out about recycling and the other 2 R's as well as share our germ-phobia stories. I like that she is always one step ahead of me when it comes to thinking about the planet and our bodies and health stuff, and that I can learn so much from her.

Saturday Kerry and I went to see Gabe Dixon, Dave Barnes, and Matt Wertz. The show was really great, and we managed to get some exercise in, too. The parking over in the Gulch is pretty crazy, so we ended up parking at Cummins Station and walking over the Demonbreun Bridge to get to the show. We both had good shoes on, the new bridge has a sidewalk and even a bike lane, and the weather was unusually warm for a December evening. So it worked out well. Gabe really needs to come out with another CD. He's been playing all this new material, but no CD. I want it on my iPod, please and thank you.

We're pretty much done Christmas shopping. Yay! Actually, most of it was done before Thanksgiving. I didn't want to be stressed out about it all December. I think we had 18 family members to buy for. Next year we are looking at gifts to charity, for my side of the family at least, unless you are a kid. Then you get fun stuff :)

This is actually going to be a pretty calm Advent. Christmas shopping done and no work Christmas parties (Daniel's is employee-only and mine is an Epiphany party). I think I'm going to decorate a little more than I have in year's past (I've got stuff I've collected over the years - might as well use it). I'm also going to make Christmas goodies for people at work :) And maybe I'll take a little time to do more spiritual aspects of Advent - pause, reflect, prepare.

Speaking of those types of things, Barb and I were going to go to a meditation session at a local Buddhist center tonight, but I have a cold and figured everyone there wouldn't appreciate my germs. But soon. I've done meditation before, but not in a group setting with a teacher, so I am looking forward to learning more about it, techniques, etc.

My cold medicine is wearing off, so I'll see y'all later.

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