Sarah (gem77) wrote,

I hope everyone is having a good spring so far. I have been busy.

Due to my mad QuickBooks skillz, I am doing some temp work on the side for Plumgood Food. It's been great to stretch my brain some, since I don't get to do that much at my current job. However, if I never hear the word "IIF file" again, I would be fine. I wouldn't want to work there full time, but it's neat to get a peek at what it's like. I had Friday and Monday off at my regular job, so I was able to go Plumgood those days and work.

Saturday night I met up with my friend Tiffany (darcyzero)and two of her friends at Zanie's (comedy place). Jimmy Fallon was the secret guest!!! Only it wasn't such a secret to most folks there :) We ended up at a table right next to the stage. Jimmy was very cute, and had me cracking up, especially his impression of a guy with anal leakage from taking a weight loss drug. He brought his guitar and did a few funny songs as well. The guy who headlined (Brett Ernst?) was hilarious as well. I laughed pretty much all through his set. It was nice to laugh - I forget how relaxed it makes me. It's also funny how one of them would make fun of something or someone, I'd start laughing cuz it was funny, then think, "Wait, I do that!" Then I'll just keep laughing cuz it really is funny. Nothing like laughing at myself to help me take life less seriously.

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