Sarah (gem77) wrote,

Well now I'm just mad

"...the burden of safety is on the motorcycle rider or scooter rider. They are in, I mean, on a much smaller vehicle and, you know, a lot harder for people in passenger vehicles to observe them."

-Sgt Bob Sheffield of the Metro Police

I'm sure he doesn't mean that this accident was Will's fault, because it was clearly the van driver who failed to yield. I guess he is trying to say that when you're on a motorbike, you should take care to be the best defensive driver you can be. But shouldn't we all do that all the time?

He is just helping to reinforce the idea that anyone in a vehicle is king of the road over motorbikes, bicycles, and pedestrians. You know, there is this guy that rides his bike around my work that blatantly disobeys traffic laws. It is really aggravating. And there is this one area I am in a lot that pedestrians just walk right out in front of me, even though there are designated crosswalks, and even though I am going the speed limit, it really freaks me out. But in general, the most aggravating thing are people in cars that drive wrecklessly and endanger bike riders and pedestrians by not respecting their right to the road.

As gas prices get higher and people become more interested in lessening their impact on the environment, there are going to be more and more people on the road using other forms of transportation than cars. So I wish Sgt Bob had mentioned something about drivers needing to look out for people using alternate transportation. Don't always look for 2 headlights. Look for one, look for a blinking red light, look for reflectors or reflective clothing. And YIELD when you should!

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