Sarah (gem77) wrote,

How 'Bout Them Titans!

10-0! Very exciting season so far.

Had a good day. Took advantage of all the sunshine with a walk in the park with anairdna and her roommate and doggie Roscoe.

My cats get much more snuggly when the weather gets cold. For those of you that have met her, I know it's hard to imagine hell-cat Mya being snuggly, but she is very affectionate with me, and pretty much only me. She is just one of those cats that picks a person, and that is her person. Everyone else can get out, please and thank you. Tigger is her complete opposite in every way. Sweet kitty no matter who you are. They also shed less when it's colder, which is nice. No hairball surprises on the couch.

Ok, off to take a warm bath.

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