January 29th, 2007

Peace Sign

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I also spent some time with friends over the weekend - Kristin, Alex, and I went to see Gabe Dixon and Dave Barnes. I had a really good time. I wish Gabe had played longer, as I enjoyed him more than Dave. Gabe came out for the last song of Dave's set and they did a kickin' version of "Signed, Sealed, Delivered". Josh Hoge must be the falsetto back-up dude these days, as he was singing BGVs for Dave on a few songs. Another plus was that there weren't very many smokers at all in the crowd - my lungs and my sinuses were thankful. When we first got there, and the line was really long, and it was cold outside waiting to get in, I was thinking, "I wish we would just go get coffee and hang out and talk", but I'm really glad we didn't. It was a fun time.

We also all signed up for the Mocha Club. Go Team W! If you wanna join our team ($7 a month to help orphans in Africa), I'll send you some info.

My sister sent us pictures today of her baby pooch - I have a feeling come July I'm going to be taking a lot more trips 2 hours west of here!

Oh yeah, I also went to see this exhibit at Plowhaus Artists' Cooperative. And Pan's Labryinth was a good movie, although a little too graphic for me.