May 25th, 2007

Lost - Bernard

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Apparently I don't like the toenail on my second toe on my right foot. I was walking up the concrete steps to our house on Tuesday, and I tripped and my toenail ripped off. OUCH! I guess that one was the main one affected because it tends to grow faster than the others and was sticking out more. Good thing it grows fast since I have to grow a whole new one!

Actually, my toenail is still hanging on by a thin layer of skin at the cuticle. So I could pull it off, but it would probably hurt a lot and expose the open wound even more. I've been putting antiseptic on it and occasionally some antibiotic ointment and wrapping it in gauze. I hope it heals ok and doesn't get infected.

Hmmm, I just googled, and apparently I am supposed to go to the doctor, and it probably needs to be removed. Ick.

On another subject, our Lost Season Finale party was a good time. There were 6 people total, which was the right amount for seating in the living room. Everyone brought food, and one couple affixed the Dharma label to everything they brought - hilarious. It was all people who are really into the show, so it was fun to talk about our theories and questions, and "oooh!" and gasp at certain scenes. Too bad we gotta wait until January for a new episode.

Oh, also I have lost some weight in the past week or so, which is good. I've just been eating a little better and I was walking more until I hurt my toenail.
Charlotte and Frank

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Well, I went to the walk-in clinic today and got my toenail removed. Fun times.

I was such a wimp when the doc came near my toe with the needle. My friend Melissa went with me, and I was squeezing her hand so tight. But then my toe was numb - yay. He barely had to pull to get the nail off because it was already so loose. And I got caught up with my tetanus shot.

Here's hoping my toenail grows back in right.