July 29th, 2007

Harry Potter & the Deathy Hallows

Harry Potter Madness

Well, the final book in the Harry Potter series came out last Friday. Much excitement. We went to a book release party at Davis Kidd. It was quite elaborate, all kinds of games, contests, lots of people in costumes. We didn't participate a whole lot in that, as Dylan wasn't super-interested. Daniel and I, although finding it amusing, weren't intent on jumping in there and participating in all of it either, so instead we hung out in the kids section and the music section. Dylan got a little magic kit and some Garfield books, so he was reading those. I read the book for most of Saturday. Dylan would come show me magic tricks. He was so excited about all of them, and it was just a simple little magic kit. Who knew?! It was super cute.

I put off reading the final chapters until Sunday morning. I just wasn't ready for it to be over yet, even though I really wanted to know how it all ended. The book was a lot of what I expected, but some nice surprises and mysteries in there, and some really touching, heart-wrenching moments. There were also so many funny moments. She fit so much into those 700+ pages. Some things did seem a little confusing or a bit of a stretch, but after going back and finding out the reasoning for them, I get it. I'm re-reading it with Dylan - we're on Chapter 16, I think.

This book had swearing - I don't remember any in the other books.

The rest of my thoughts are underneath a cut below to avoid spoiling anyone who hasn't read it.

We saw the movie IMAX/3D-style on Thursday. It was worth it just for the sound. But the 3D was awesome. I totally petted a thestral, and Dylan grabbed Dumbledore's nose.

Yesterday we went to Jackson to see my family and my new nephew Lucas. He's a pretty calm baby, and slept for most of the time. Dylan showed everyone his magic tricks. We went to Chuck E. Cheese, and Dylan and Drew (niece) got a bunch of tickets from games and redeemed them for various prizes. They had a good time. This morning was brunch with family, including Daniel's Mom. I think Dylan has found a friend in Drew - he was pretty excited when he found out that she was going to be at brunch :)

Daniel is a really good father. He has patience when mine runs out. When Dylan gets to whining and complaining, he knows how to work with him to get him to calm down and stop complaining. It's also been nice to watch them have so many good times together, after being separated so much in the past year+.

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