November 29th, 2007

Me @ Susan's Wedding

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Wow I haven't posted in a while. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Made a few things on Wednesday to take to my aunt's the next day. Then off to Jackson. My parents have redecorated some in their house, so it was neat to see all that, and they got a new tub put in! Very exciting. I got to spend some quality time with baby Lucas while my sister when shopping. He's a chunker - big cheeks and a big ole belly. Sooo cute.

I had gotten a puzzle for Drew, so we put that together. She really liked it, and wants the other puzzles in the set. She really takes to me for some reason, which is just fine with me :) I think it's because she likes my name so much. She named her cat Princess Sarah, one of her dolls Sarah...she is always trying to name something Sarah. I also think she is just so sweet that she makes everyone feel special. And she's only 6. She hasn't had it easy, having divorced parents and going from house to house - Becky and Andy, her Mom and step Dad, both sets of grandparents, as well as my parents. And she does it all so well - so cooperative and able to adapt to different schedules. My sister and her husband recently got full custody of her, which has made her life much more stable. Let's just say there is a vast difference in the quality of parenting that happens at Andy and Becky's vs. her mom and step Dad's. And I mean vast. She now goes to school at the same elementary school that me and my sisters went to. She rides the bus to my parents' house after school and my Dad gets her a snack, helps her with her homework, and watches kids TV before her Dad picks her up on his way home from work. That makes me happy. I adore her so much, and I'm glad she's in a safe, loving household.

I am not a big go to the movies person, but I want to see August Rush and The Bucket List.