November 30th, 2007

Me @ Susan's Wedding

(no subject) cracks me up sometimes. Here's an example:

Guy: I liked it. What'd you think?
Date: It was okay, I guess. I don't know about the ending, though.
Guy: Well, I'm pretty sure it has some deeper meaning. I'll have to check some message boards and find out.

--Regal Cinemas, Union Square

I forgot to mention that I went to Kentucky a few weeks ago to help my sister Susan try on wedding dresses. It was so fun, and she looked so beautiful in them! She bought one the day before Thanksgiving. Haven't seen it yet - apparently it's going to be a surprise.

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving that my future bro-in-law Bob took:

Before Thanksgiving, gift wrap on was $0.99. After Thanksgiving, it's $3.99 and $4.99. No thank you.