January 8th, 2008


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Sunday night I went to "Barack the Vote", an event for Obama, timed with the beginning of the primaries and the last chance to vote before the primary here. It was fun - relaxed atmosphere with a variety of acts, like a festival. Alex (friend I went with) was able to update his voter registration stuff. It is going to be an interesting year in many ways - politically, for sure.

I got to see my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew on their way back to PA last week. I love my nephew Mason's red hair. He'll be 2 on the 15th. He kept wanting to put on my hat and gloves on at dinner. He had my hat on, then he kept having me put my gloves on him. But then he'd want me to take them right off so he could drink from his sippy cup or eat a piece of bread. After I bit I stopped taking them off, but he quickly stopped whining and just embraced the situation and picked up his sippy cup with them on. It was so cute - big hat and gloves with the fingers dangling wrapping around his sippy cup as he drank. I want to go up and visit them, maybe sometime this summer. I still have yet to see the sights in Philadelphia. I could do that, too.

Not that I particularly liked the frigid temps last week, but this 70-degree weather in January is strange.