Flowers in Hair

The Real Work

It may be that when we no longer know what to do,
we have come to our real work.

And that when we no longer know which way to go,
we have come to our real journey.

The mind that is not baffled is not employed.

The impeded stream is the one that sings.

–Wendell Berry
Flowers in Hair

spring spring spring spring spring

Birds beneath my window
Dustying their wings upon the lawn.
I hear them in the morning light
A last amen to a migratory song.
They’re never looking 'round for me -
Their eyes are on the sky or the ground below.
I’d rather be the one who loves
Than to be loved and never even know.

Hello blackbird,
Hello starling
Winter’s over
Be my darling.
A long time coming
But now
The snow is gone.
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    Snow is Gone - Josh Ritter
Me @ Susan's Wedding

Nashville: Vote NO on English Only

Tomorrow is the day to vote! I doubt it will pass, but you never know. Here's an email I got today:

If you haven't voted AGAINST the English Only referendum, the last day to do so is THURSDAY, January 22nd.

With apologies to David Lettermen, here are the Top Ten Reasons to vote AGAINST the English Only measure:

10. A NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT. Nashville will become a laughingstock as the only major city to pass one of these measures. We will make national news and provide unflattering fodder for Leno, Letterman and Conan.

9. PEOPLE COULD DIE: A non-English speaking legal immigrant who calls 911 for an emergency may NOT get access to a bilingual operator when they call. This law might forbid it. That’s not just dumb, it’s dangerous.

8. IT'S REDUNDANT. English is already the official language of Tennessee. We all agree English is important that’s why it’s already on the books as our official language.

7. IT WILL HURT OUR ECONOMY. Nashville will lose countless jobs and millions in economic investment in an already horrible economic time because companies from around the country and around the world will choose NOT to re-locate and invest here.

6. HURTING TOURISM. Nashville has been voted one of the friendliest cities in the world. This will send a message around the globe that we do not welcome outsiders.

5. WASTE OF TAX MONEY: The law is not constitutional and will be challenged. There may be millions of tax dollars spent in court trying to reverse the law.

4. WASTE OF TAX MONEY, PART 2. This special election is costing us hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars. Send a message about frivolous ballot measures like this one that are designed to promote demagogue politicians like Eric Crafton and not designed to help the city. By voting AGAINST the SECOND measure on the ballot you will stop an effort from some to make it even easier to put these senseless measures on the ballot and waste HUNDREDS of thousands of tax dollars. So vote AGAINST both ballot measures Thursday

3. WWB? What would Barak Obama do? He would vote AGAINST English Only.

2. NASHVILLE'S HISTORY OF TOLERANCE. Nashville was one of the few cities in the south to be largely spared ugly racial violence in the 1960's. Nashville had political leadership that was forward-looking on civil rights. On this English Only, WE have to provide the forward-looking political leadership since it is a vote of the people, not the politicians.

1. IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. This bill is NOT about sound public policy. It is about bigotry and demagoguery of a couple politicians. We are better than this.

Life Update

Good, good weekend. Hope yours was, too.

Mason's 3rd birthday was yesterday, so I went down to Birmingham for that. Sally made little cakes in the shape of train cars from a mold, and the kids decorated those. Mason was telling me what he got in the mail from family for his birthday, and the last thing he said was "..and a TUBA!" I said, "Oh really, you got a tuba?" "Yep, and you put water in it." "Oh yes, tubas and their need for water." Turns out it was a trumpet bath toy.

Barb came with me because Daniella's baby shower was later that day. It ended at 6:00, but we ended up staying and chatting with a few of the girls and didn't leave until midnight! It was an early morning since I was sharing a room with a 3-year-old.

Went walking in the park today. Alex and I saw two V's of geese. It made me happy. Then I came home and saw this quote in my email: "Of all the creatures that I can see in this landscape, the geese best represent the communion of saints. They depend on one another. The lead goose does the most work, but when it is tired, it falls back and another takes its place...The geese fly in the wake of one another's wings. They literally get a lift from one another. I want to be with others this way. Geese tell me that it is, indeed, possible to fly with equals." ~ Gunilla Norris

Sooo, this week, huh? Pretty good week. MLK Day tomorrow, my parents 40TH ANNIVERSARY on Tuesday (so happy for them) and my Mom's birthday, and Lost starts a new season on Wednesday! There's something else...some other thing...that's happening this week...oh yeah: the inauguration of BARACK FREAKIN' OBAMA. Not that I've been counting down the days or anything.

There is one thing that weighs on me, despite the good things. Something that actually made me dread the new year and turning the page to 2009 just knowing it was all the more closer: the execution of my friend Steve set for February 4. I know him through a former co-worker, Rev. Stacy Rector. I talked to him for a while on Friday (I say a while, but phone calls are limited to 30 mins and we talked to the end). What do you say to someone who is going to be killed in a few weeks, knowing this could be one of the last times you talk to him? Especially knowing that he very well could be innocent? You can read more about his case at Talk about learning the hard way about the company you keep. If anyone in TN is interested in filling out a card to the governor for his clemency (to get him off of death row), let me know. You can probably get one on the site as well.