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Sarooney's Spot

I Believe in a Better Way

, alias, alternative enuergy, amos lee, anti death penalty, ari hest, baking, baseball, ben folds, ben folds five, ben harper, beta band, bicycles, biking, books, buffy the vampire slayer, calculus, camping, cats, coldplay, composting, concerts, conscious consumerism, cooking, damien rice, david gray, dido, dogs, eliot morris, elliott smith, energy crisis, environment, environmental issues, face the nation, fair trade, farmers' markets, firefly, flip flops, gardening, gay rights, geothermal, gilmore girls, guacamole, harry potter, hiking, indie films, ipod, ira glass, itunes, jack johnson, jason mraz, jem, jk rowling, john mayer, john mayer trio, jonny lang, josh rouse, joss whedon, liberal christians, lightning 100, live music, live music trading, live shows, lost, making lists, marc broussard, math, mathematics, matt nathanson, music, my so called life, my so-called life, nashville, natural food, nature, netflix, norah jones, npr, organic food, outdoors, overpopulation, patty griffin, peace, peak oil, phish, poetry, politics, popsicles, porches, progressive, progressives, ray lamontagne, reading, recycling, religion, renewable energy, riding my bike, road trips, rufus wainwright, ryan adams, saturday night live, scrubs, sewing, sex and the city, singer/songwriters, solar energy, solar power, spirituality, st. louis cardinals, stephen colbert, sugar alternatives, sushi, sustainable living, sweaters, tcask, teitur, tennessee, tennis, the office, the wood brothers, this american life, usaa, van morrison, veronica mars, will hoge, wind power, wrlt, yoga,